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Spire School Tuition 2024-25

TK Group (ages 4yrs 4mo - 5yrs 6mo)

Monday - Friday 8:45AM-1:45PM*

September 4, 2024-June 4, 2025

​Tuition: $21,930

Older Group (ages 3yrs 2mo - 4yrs 4mo)

Monday - Friday 9AM-1PM*

September 4, 2024-June 4, 2025

​Tuition: $19,300

Younger Group (ages 2yrs 2mo - 3yrs 2mo)

​Tuesday - Friday 9AM-12PM*

September 4, 2024-June 4, 2025

​Tuition: $17,240

Sliding Scale Tuition is available, please see below for more details.

*Aftercare option is available for all children, Monday through Friday until 3:00pm.

Aftercare enrollment is per season; fall, winter, spring. Flexible enrollment is offered, and prices vary based on enrollment. The annual cost for 5 days/week aftercare ranges from $3,000-$6,000.

If you'd like to apply to Spire School, you can learn more about our application process HERE.

Sliding Scale Tuition

Every family should have access to the forest school experience. A sliding scale is a cost sharing tuition system that reflects our values of accessibility. This system functions as a community collective approach to ensure school tuition costs do not create a financial strain, hardship, or barrier for families to attend Spire School. Families who utilize our Sliding Scale Tuition fund contribute to the cost of tuition with an amount that is feasible for their family’s finances and where Spire School can meet their needs. To learn more, see our Sliding Scale Guide. If you would like to submit a Sliding Scale Tuition Request Form, please email us for more details.

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