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Spire School helps children develop skills they will need in elementary school and beyond! We are confident that children who attend forest school during their preschool years can thrive in diverse classroom environments.


2015-16 was Spire School’s first year. Each year since, we've sent Spire School graduates off to new adventures at public, parochial, independent/private and charter elementary schools in the Bay Area. 


Parks Plus Creation supports each family on their journey to find an elementary school that best matches their child's needs and their family's values. Teachers and directors provide a variety of support for families in this process, including meetings, conversations and community events connecting alumni families with current families to share their experiences at both public and private schools.

Below is a list of independent elementary schools where Spire School children have been accepted:


BrightWorks School

Cathedral School for Boys

French American International School

Katherine Delmar Burke School

Mount Tamalpais School

Notre Dame des Victoires

Presidio Hill School

San Francisco Day School

San Francisco Friends School

San Francisco Schoolhouse

Convent & Stuart Hall Schools of the Sacred Heart
The New Village School

Town School for Boys

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