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Coyote Scouts Summer Camp

Coyote Scouts

Parks Plus Creation Overview

Parks Plus Creation offers all-weather, outdoor, nature connection programs for children and families in San Francisco. Children are provided ample time and space to play and become immersed in nature, as they build their own unique connection to the land and its creatures. Through respectful care, intentional language, and our focus on social and emotional development, educators help guide children to build conflict resolution skills, stewardship, and strong community. 


What is the Coyote Scouts program?

Coyote Scouts is Parks Plus Creation’s program for children ages 7 to 10 years old who love nature, love to play, and are interested in building leadership skills. 


A Coyote Scout has a strong or developing nature connection; enjoys playing and exploring outdoors in all weather; is a child who can follow directions at an age appropriate level; has a willingness and interest in helping others; and exhibits an overall playful disposition. 


What does a Coyote Scout do?

Each day, Coyote Scouts finds a balance between child-led play and exploration, and co-created, skill building instruction/educator facilitated activities (e.g. nature journaling, flora and fauna identification, whittling, natural dyes). The Coyote Scouts may also help in supporting Coyote Campers* (ages 3-6 years old). Typically, the Scouts will gather in the morning, split into small groups to help out with Coyote Campers for approximately 45 minutes, and then reconvene for a fun-filled afternoon with the Scouts!


*Scouts will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Coyote Camp and Scouts’ Teachers to:

  • Grow their own nature connection

  • Gain skills in flora and fauna identification

  • Develop leadership skills, and be seen as a role model

  • Offer guidance and support to younger children in a small community setting

  • Problem solve and learn to assess risks

  • Make decisions based on their judgment, understanding of the land, weather and overall safety assessment


Responsibilities of a Coyote Scout

  • Arrive to Camp each day rested and prepared

  • Model for the younger children how to manage their belongings

  • Exhibit kindness and respect toward nature and others

  • Ask questions

  • Share ideas and observations

  • Be open to hearing new ideas, and accept guidance and suggestions from Educators and peers

  • Support Coyote Campers during gathering times, transitions and art activities

  • Engage in age-appropriate and safe play with the Coyote Campers


Other Information

  • No more than 16 Coyote Scouts per week

  • 1:8 child to teacher ratio

  • Nut friendly program, families provide snacks and lunch

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