We believe that all children, in a safe, nurturing environment, have the capacity to learn and develop through play, sensory experiences and exploration.  We empower each child to be a creative, competent, and curious explorer through our focus on collaborative learning, whole child development, sensory explorations, social and emotional development, care for nature and an overall understanding of the importance of building, not only kindergarten readiness skills, but life skills.


Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning takes place between children, educators and parents.  We are

all involved in the process of learning. We focus on listening, asking questions and being supportive of one another.

Whole Child

We respect and celebrate each child’s individuality, creativity and expression and are flexible as we support his/her unique way of learning.  Each situation, interaction and relationship provides endless opportunities to expand our understanding of each child.  We encourage the child to be involved in the process of understanding his/her strengths, challenges and interests. This process promotes positive self-image, confidence and competence.  We adapt our curriculum to best meet those needs and interests through our dedication to open communication and reflection.

Sensory Exploration

Children learn best through the exploration of their senses.  We provide opportunity for each child to be in a constant dialogue with his/her surrounding by promoting different ways to explore nature.  Through experimentation children develop their cognition, problem solving, critical thinking, descriptive language and observation skills.  Sensory activities also help to strengthen fine motor skills, critical for writing.

Social and Emotional Development

We focus closely on social and emotional development of each child, and the important process of cultivating meaningful relationships. Promoting emotional literacy, problem solving skills and language skills we help build self-esteem and the development of empathy.  We develop creative solutions for conflict resolution by including the children in the process and planning, empowering them to believe in their own capabilities, and to help understand that they are a contributing part of a community.

Care for Nature

We foster respect and care for natural environments through education and exploration. All children are capable of caring for living things.  Guiding children to protect the environment helps them gain a sense of responsibility.  As a child builds a relationship with nature, he/she develops positive memories and experiences that will help add to the development of a lifelong connection to the environment.  We hope to nurture the protection and better the understanding of nature for present and future generations.​


Life Skills

+ Observation skills

+ Critical thinking

+ Self regulation

+ Thoughtful problem solving

+ Conflict resolution

+ Confidence

+ Respect for natural environments and each other

+ Math, sequencing, categorizing, defining patterns

+ Language and vocabulary

+ Physical stamina and confidence, balance

+ Fine motor development and control

+ Cooperation

+ Reflection and curiosity