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Summer Coyote Camp Lead & Assistant Teachers


Part-time Assistant Teacher Position Available, 30 hours/week, M-F, June 14 - August 13, 2021 (9 weeks)

Part-time Lead Teacher Position Available, 35 hours/week, M-F, July 5 - July 23, 2021 (3 weeks)


Our goal at Coyote Camp is to provide a safe, enriching space for children to explore in nature with peers. Coyote Camp provides an opportunity for children to play outside, explore, get dirty and have fun! We share songs and stories, go on group hiking adventures, make discoveries and build friendships, while we share our abundant gratitude for nature. (You can read more about Coyote Camp and our programs on our website:


Safety for children and teachers remains our highest priority, and new safety measures, protocols, and procedures to align with the latest guidelines will be set in place, and executed with the highest level of care and diligence. Read more below.

Position Description

The Assistant Teacher and Lead Teacher work side by side to develop and execute outdoor curriculum with preschool and elementary school aged children. All teachers are expected to support children 3-9 years old in daily activities. This includes facilitating play, managing children's safety, singing, hiking, art projects, outdoor explorations and getting dirty!


Lead Teacher positions are based on prior experience and leadership skills.


Responsibilities of the Assistant Teacher & Lead Teacher

Critical features of this job are described below. They may be subject to change at any time due to reasonable accommodation. 



  • Attend work on time and as scheduled. Dependability, attendance, punctuality, and a commitment to do the job right are essential at all times. 

  • Provide a variety of materials and resources for children to explore, manipulate and use, both in learning activities and in imaginative play.

  • Follow, and establish with each group, safety guidelines and procedures to support understanding of boundaries and personal limitations. 

  • Lead and support group hikes, manage safety of children and environment.

  • Follow the program’s philosophy on positive discipline and conflict resolution skills.

  • Support children’s social-emotional skills through an emergent curriculum approach.

  • Organize and lead activities designed to promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, such as games, open-ended art projects, music, storytelling, and hiking adventures.

  • Support children's innate creativity by asking thoughtful questions, and allowing opportunity to explore and wonder.

  • Assist in bathroom needs of children when necessary.

  • Help instill beginning stewardship of the environment by modeling taking care of our parks.

  • Read books to the entire camp group (10-12 children) or to small groups.

  • Prepare materials and outdoor classrooms for activities.

  • Help facilitate meal and snack times in accordance with nutritional guidelines and procedure.

  • Assimilate arriving children to the outdoor environment by greeting them, helping place their backpacks in a backpack nest, and selecting activities of interest to them. Supporting separation from a child's grown-up. 

  • (Lead Teacher) Replenish and care for materials between camp weeks at our office closeby.

  • (Lead Teacher) Organize required paperwork for each week.

  • (Lead Teacher) Communicate appropriately with families both verbally and written (email and text)

  • (Lead Teacher) Conduct children’s health screening daily upon arrival


Position Requirements

  • Enjoy spending time outdoors in all weather conditions

  • Comfortable sitting on the ground and getting dirty

  • A nurturing, fun, loving, energetic and creative attitude is essential

  • 6 units in child development/ECE classes and/or experience working with 3-9 year old children

  • Strong decision making ability

  • Great attention to detail

  • Flexible, cooperative, attentive and kind

  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with children and adults

  • CPR & First Aid Certification

  • Live Scan, background check clearance 



Competitive. DOE. Benefits include: paid sick/personal days, and to be part of a movement connecting children to nature with the opportunity to grow with our unique forest school program!


Covid Precautions & Protocols

Since reopening in July of 2020, Parks Plus Creation has followed the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) guidance for childcare programs. With information shifting frequently, we have stayed up to date and made necessary changes within. We have appointed a COVID-19 liaison who ensures our policies are up to date, and will communicate directly with the SFDPH if necessary. 

Currently, we require face coverings for all adults and all children over 2 years old. Upon arrival, we conduct daily health screening and temperature checks. Throughout the day, we practice hand hygiene before and after mealtimes, bathrooming and as needed. During the day, we have staggered or distanced seated mealtimes and will practice social distancing during more teacher structured parts of our day, like gatherings but we allow the children to play freely with masks on during play times. We have implemented strict wellness and community travel policies that families must sign and agree to. We continue to have open communication with families and staff.

Interested in applying? Please email us--submit a cover letter and resumé.​

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