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Support Us

Supporting Parks Plus Creation happens in many different ways: sharing time, resources, talents, and a collective love and gratitude for the earth. We are grateful for everyone who has supported our programs, goals and growth thus far; families, educators, staff members, and extended community members--thank you!

If you or someone you know would like to make a financial contribution to Parks Plus Creation, we invite you to donate to one of our funding pathways which directly reflect our values of community and shared experiences, collaboration and partnership, inclusivity and equity, intentionality and growth, and strengthening our stewardship and connection with nature. Donations can be made using our fundraising page on UltraCamp*. All contributions**, regardless of size, are gratefully received and appreciated.

*Note: If you don’t already have an UltraCamp account with us from Coyote Camp or past donations, you’ll need to first create an account via the link above.

**As a for-profit LLC, contributions are not tax deductible; however, we are in search of a fiscal sponsor who can accept such donations on our behalf. If you know of a fiscal sponsor who is aligned with our values of community investment and land stewardship, please email us directly with the subject line "fiscal sponsorship" at

We have also compiled a materials wish list of items to enrich the children's learning experiences. Some of these items you may even have just lying around!

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