Support Us

As we look ahead to another season, or more, impacted by the pandemic, we remain optimistic that our small business can make it through, even with limited programs. As we plan for the future, we are committed to supporting our teachers, are dedicated to providing high quality care for children, and want to grow diversity within our community, but we need your help to reach our goals. Please see below for ways to contribute: 

New customers, use the code forestfriends to earn Spire School $25.

From October 6-December 31, you'll receive 20% off any holiday cards & Minted will donate 15% of purchases to Parks Plus Creation/Spire School when you use our code, FUNDRAISEPARKSPLUS

Curacubby, our administration software, has launched a fundraising page, and from now until the end of the year they are not taking a percentage or charging schools a fee. If you would like to donate directly to Spire School you can do so HERE.

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