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Ilana and Megan, the founders and owners of Parks Plus Creation, met in 2011 at a local preschool in San Francisco, where they taught together for two years. During this time, they led their preschool class on weekly adventures to the Presidio. This is where they discovered the extraordinary benefits of uninterrupted time spent outside. Challenges that presented themselves in the classroom disappeared, confidence was gained and all the skills that were practiced inside were easily translated to the outdoor classroom. Their focus on social and emotional growth and sensory stimulation helped Ilana and Megan develop the core of their curriculum. With their research on Forest Kindergartens and passion for creating a program that supports the whole child, they opened Parks Plus Creation in 2013.

Parks Plus Creation offers all-weather, outdoor, nature connection programs for children and families in San Francisco, including a forest school called Spire School. We draw from Reggio Emilia philosophy and Forest Kindergarten approach. Supporting children ages 1.5 to 6 years old and their families, Parks Plus Creation has created an engaging outdoor classroom environment for children to learn and develop through self-directed, play-based experiences. With a strong emphasis on social and emotional growth, Parks Plus Creation teachers help guide the children to develop conflict resolution skills, cooperation and help to foster kindness and respect towards one another and nature.

Ilana and Megan are founding board members of the California Association of Forest Schools. The mission of the association is to support and further high quality forest schools devoted to deep nature connection for young children and their families. The Association is committed to building healthy bridges between the forest school movement and the larger community. CAFS is accepting new members, and supporting forest schools around the state during these unprecedented times. Learn more here.

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