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Reflections from the Forest Fall 2017

This Fall, our Forest Enrichment classes have been full of imaginative and collaborative play in the calm forest afternoon hours. Friends have been investigating the changing of the seasons as cypress cones mature and fall, revealing their spores, and acacia pods open and mysterious black beans appear (which are just right for planting a magic garden)! So much has changed in the forest over the past few months, but there have been some consistent magical threads to our days together.

As the winds have shifted and the waters have cooled down, Tuesday’s pirate crew has continued to sail the seven seas. The boat has broken down, been flipped over by hurricanes, and boarded by other pirate crews, but our strong root ship has journeyed on!

Last reflection of the forest:

  • Question: “What was your favorite part of the forest?”

    • Almost every friend: “The pirate game!!!” 

While some birds and butterflies have started to migrate South, a few fearless birds have visited the Presidio each Wednesday. This small group of winged friends has visited many perfect perching trees and even discovered more information about other species of birds who call the Presidio home. These friends enjoyed playing various bird games and built up their core strength through many climbing adventures. 

On Thursdays, almost without fail, a Yeti would enter our neck of the woods… but never fear! We had a group of Yeti hunting experts who crafted many maps of where this big-footed creature could be found, and brewed many concoctions to ward it off. 

Even creatures in the forest seemed to have scheduled playdates. Thursday’s group got the special opportunity to watch two hawks have their chatty, playful visits to the Spire during our weekly snack and story time. 

Last forest reflection:

  • Question: “What is your favorite thing to do outside?”

    • “Go on hikes!”

    • “Everything!” 

    • “Play in the sand” 

  • Question: “What is something you know about the forest?”

    • “We go to Fallen Tree! It makes me feel good!” 

    • “I see birds in the forest” 

    • “I like unicorns. I always wear unicorn stuff” 

These weekly games and threads in play have truly helped to inspire full-group play. When everyone knows that a game is going to happen and that they will be able to have a part to play, the whole group can come together. These patterns in our play are not limiting, but allow for a group who only sees each other for a few hours once a week to jump right back into play and be comfortable enough to grow together. We are so grateful for the forest and all of our enrichment friends for making this Fall so magical!

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