Coyote Scouts Programs Page


What is a Coyote Scout?

A Coyote Scout is a child, age 7 to 12 years old, who has previously attended Coyote Camp or Spire School. A Coyote Scout has a strong or developing nature connection; enjoys playing and exploring outdoors in all weather; is a child who can follow directions at an age appropriate level, has a willingness and interest in helping others, and exhibits an overall playful disposition.


A Typical Day

Coyote Scouts attend Coyote Camp with campers ages 3 to 6 years old, but with a different role. Scouts will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Coyote Camp Teachers to:

  • Grow their own nature connection

  • Gain skills in flora and fauna identification

  • Develop leadership skills, and be seen as a role model

  • Offer guidance and support to younger children in a small community setting

  • Problem solve and learn to assess risks

  • Make decisions based on their judgement, understanding of the land, weather and overall safety assessment

If there are more than two Scouts enrolled, most days when available, after lunch, Coyote Scouts will part ways from the Coyote Campers, and with one to two Teacher(s), go on their own hiking adventure to continue the skills above but alongside peers. They will meet back up with the Coyote Camp group(s) for pick up.



  • Arrive to Camp each day rested and prepared

  • Scouts will model for the younger children how to manage their belongings

  • At the beginning of the day, and throughout as needed, Scouts will meet with the Coyote Camp Teachers to make decisions about activities, hiking location, etc. based on the observations of the group’s need and assessments of the weather and land

  • Exhibit kindness and respect to nature and others

  • Ask questions whenever needed

  • Share ideas and observations

  • Be open to hearing new ideas, and accept guidance and suggestions from Teachers

  • Read aloud to small groups of children, when appropriate

  • Support Coyote Campers during meal and gathering times, by offering gentle reminders guided by the Coyote Camp Teachers

  • Engage in age-appropriate and safe play with the Coyote Campers

  • Help with the coyote howl and group directions

  • Hold hands with Coyote Campers on our hike

  • At the end of their experience, share a reflection in the form of drawing or a few written sentences, what their favorite part was and what their tricky part was about being a Coyote Scout